Friday, April 13, 2007

Life Changing Moment

Today I had one of those moments where you are hit really hard with the realization that you are growing up and that the cycle of life is continuing to spin. It came during a conversation I had with my best friend Tony Metz. Tony and his wife Angie are expecting their first child in a few months. Tony and I have been best friends since we roomed together our freshman year of college and I have known Angie since we were in middle school, so it is strange enough that my friends are in the midst of the very adult process of procreating. I was not all that blown away when Tony told me Angie was pregnant. It seemed very natural and I was simply elated that they were making me into an uncle. However, nothing could have prepared me for Tony’s announcement to me today: he had traded the sedan in for a minivan. That’s right, my best friend owns a minivan and he got one because it was simply the most practical vehicle he could own. Here is how the conversation took place:

Tony: “Remember a few weeks back when I told you Angie and I were planning to keep the [sedan] for at least ten more years.”

Todd: Laughing

Tony: “What?”

Todd: “I am just laughing because that sentence foreshadows that you are going to tell me something really funny. So what happened to the car?”

Tony: “Well, Angie and I traded it in for a minivan.”

[Long pause of silence]

Todd: “Seriously???”

From that point on Tony explained to me the circumstances behind how he ended up the proud owner of a Ford Freestar and how he honestly believed it was a rational decision. While he was talking, I could not help but think that I had crossed a threshold and my life would never be the same.


Pastor Tony Metz said...

Man, that is a sweet minivan if I've ever seen one.

Erik said...

NEVER!!! Tony your more of a man that i ever will be, i couldn't do it!

Life will never the same, Tony with a minivan, Todd with a cell phone, Brad's married and living in the same place for over a year... and then there is me.

enough said!
(can you hear the sobbing of your still non-married, wandering friend)

Josh said...

It's a good thing Tony and Angie procreated when they did because it's sure going to be hard now with Tony not having any!!! J/J Who am i to talk, miranda wants us to get a 4lb dog.

Anonymous said...

What were the picks on the order we would all have kids? And did we have picks on what order we would buy mini-vans? And Josh you brought up an interesting question what is worse a mini-van or a four pound dog?

Krista said...

man, a minivan sure would hold a lot of stuff...don't tell tim i said that!