Friday, August 3, 2007

Mayer Concert

On Tuesday night, Laura and I went to a concert at Walnut Creek in Raleigh. It featured John Mayer, but also included James Morrison and Ben Fold. First of all, the concept of a concert was really fascinating to me. I was blown away that thousands of people would pay $25 - $150 to hear a guy sing ballads about his broken relationships.

I guess it helps to be a ridiculously talented musician. Great musicians was what made this a great concert. All three were really good. Ben Fold played the piano in a way that I had never seen before. I always liked John Mayer, but it was not until I saw him live that I understood and appreciated what an amazing musician he is. I know just enough about play the guitar to recognize when someone is really good, and he is insanely good.

I definitely recommend catching this tour if you get the chance.


Erik said...

Ummm... yea! Mayor is a complete stud! And Ben Fold (who i have seen in the coffee shop on numerous occasions) is also SICK at the piano! Did you do the end buy tossing his stool at the piano, and with a stool, playing the perfect note? I have seen him a few times live... YEA!!! Freaken good. i have seen mayor live as well... As we say in Cali, SICK!!! I am happy for you todd, good music is essential to life! ;-)

Laura said...

Mayer Freakin ROCKS!