Tuesday, May 1, 2007

A Grace Disguised

"A Grace Disguised: How the Soul Grows Through Loss" by Jerry Sittser is a book that has been sitting on my nightstand since October. Every now and then, when the opportunity presented itself, I would pick up the book and read it before I went to bed. The book is basically a long reflection from Sittser about dealing with loss. Sittser seemed to have it all: he was a Christian college professor with a wife and four kids. Then, out of nowhere, his family was hit by a drunk-driver. In that accident, he lost his wife, his mother, and his daughter. The book is Sittser's well thought out response to this tragedy.

I thought this book was fantastic. It did such an excellent job of exploring what can be learned from a situation like this without failing to acknowledge the pain, suffering, anguish, etc. of death and losing a loved one. I read this book during a period of dealing with loss in my life (albeit a much milder loss of losing a church community) and I found it to be incredibly helpful.

This book is a good one to keep in the back of your mind as a resource to give someone who is going through loss.

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