Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Confirmational Reactionist

This past weekend Laura and I went to visit our friends Mitchell and Carrie Henderson (along with their son Jackson and dog Jasper) in Wilmington. It was a beautiful weekend and the weather was perfect for our trip to the beach.

On Sunday we went to their church, Port City Community Church. It is one of these mega-churches that seems to be doing some really cool things. The message was given by their lead pastor, a sharp looking guy who is an excellent communicator. During his message, I realized I was sitting next to a Confirmational Reactionist. To my left was a woman, and I noticed that anytime the pastor said something funny, she would immediately start to chuckle and then look at me to see if I was laughing as well. She was looking at me to confirm that I was sharing her reaction - a Confirmational Reactionist.

Perhaps at some point in your life you have found yourself sitting next to a Confirmational Reactionist. If you cannot remember a time, then you are probably one yourself.

Well, I am the type of person who likes to mess with other people's minds, so here is what I did. When the woman would laugh and then look to me, I did not start laughing and look back at her nodding my head in agreement. Instead, I would pretend in my mind that the pastor said something really offensive and I sported a look as if I were sincerely disgusted. I have no idea what went through her mind upon looking at my sour face, but it does not matter because the whole ordeal was humorous to me.

It is the little things in life that amuse me.

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Joanie Richards said...

Todd - That's why we love you so much. You're so strange! :-)