Saturday, July 28, 2007

Good Friends, Good Times

This past week I have been reminded of the beauty and importance of friendship. Last weekend I met up with 3 of my seminary friends in mountain town of Sky Valley, Georgia. We had a great time fellowshipping, playing, and eating together. Then on Wednesday, Erik Willits stopped by for a few days on his whirlwind tour of the country. Last night, Laura and I threw a milkshake party as a way to say good-bye to our friends Jen and Gerron Showalter who are moving to Nashville. Around 40 people crammed into our little town home. It was so great to see everyone and I really savored the time that I spent with people I love. Relationships truly have the power to make life beautiful.

On a random side note, something really shocked me this past week. While I was in Georgia, me and my buddies went to this YMCA camp to spend some time. I was blown away that a place like this camp still existed. This camp had a rifle and archery range, not to mention a huge lake. In that lake, several diving boards were set up, along with a slide and "The Blob." I was amazed because in our present day of insurance and lawsuits, I did not think it was possible for a Y-Camp like this to exist. The slide was metal and about 60 feet long. You really got moving down it, and the sides were only a few inches high, so it would be very easy to fly off the slide into a tree in the woods. The blob is a huge inflatable piece of plastic where one person sits on and is flung off into the lake by another person jumping off an elevated platform. I still have whiplash from flying off of that thing. My friends and I had a ball just being kids again and reminiscing of a long gone age that was not dominated by liability waivers and lawyers.

A picture of the slide and "The Blob"


Erik said...

you've been a blogging machine! I need to catch up! It was great spending time with you all, it really was. Again, soon!!!

J Barber said...

Dude, I went to Athens Y camp for 4 years as a kid! Seriously some of the best times of my life, my little bro even went there as recently as a few years ago. You gotta go down the big slide "bare butt" - it makes you go so much faster!

Todd said...


My friend who went to the camp and worked there for several years (Will Zant) definitely went down the slide "bare butt". I could not bring myself to do it - my mind was overwhelmed thinking about the sheer volume of the number of butts that had been on that slide.

It is so cool that you went there, that camp must have rocked!