Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Adventures in Missing the Point

"Adventures in Missing the Point: How the Culture-Controlled Church Neutered the Gospel" by Brian McLaren & Tony Campolo was a book with an interesting concept, but it did not pack a huge punch as far as powerful books go. The concept of the book was to look at several issues in the church, with one author writing how the mainline church has missed the point in certain areas of that issue. The other author would then respond to the main authors writing in a two page blurb. The issues that were addressed in the book are as follows: evangelism, social action, culture, women in ministry, leadership, seminary, environmentalism, homosexuality, sin, worship, doubt, truth, and being postmodern." An example of "missing the point" would be the argument that the mainline church has made salvation individual and personal, while neglecting the social aspects of salvation. My problem with the book was that it did not go into much depth (which was not the point of the book, but still frustrating for someone like me who is looking for a little more meat) and I felt like a lot of the book was pure opinion. Both McLaren and Campolo are established authors and respected church leaders, and this book had the feel of a publisher who came to them and asked them to crank out a manufactured book as quick as possible. I suppose that this book could be a helpful resource to stimulate discussion in a small group, but otherwise I would not recommend reading it.

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