Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Have you ever noticed that everyone thinks that everybody else is an idiot? Let me give you a few examples. I work on the administrative side of an academic area of Duke University. Administrative people tend to think that the academics, while brilliant, lack common sense. I imagine that the academics think similar thoughts about administrative people. When you are driving, it is easy to assume that no one else knows how to drive except you. Northerners talk about how terrible Southern drivers are and Southerners talk about how dangerous Northern drivers are. It is easy to think this way even though we all have moments where we forget to use the turn signal or accidentally merge into someone else's lane. If you think of any group of people, you will also be able to come up with another group that this group thinks are idiots. So if everyone thinks that everybody else is an idiot, does that make us all idiots?

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Matthew Pollock said...

This entry reminds me of the saying, "never argue with an idiot, because after a while, nobody really knows who the idiot is". I think this gives good light to what your are saying. If we choose to engage ourselves in judging who or what an idiot is, we just make ourselves out to be stupid.