Thursday, March 15, 2007

March Madness!

For some people, the best time of the year is Christmas or their birthday. But for me, I seriously think one of my favorite days is the opening day of the NCAA tournament. The concept of a 64 (I know, technically it is 65) team bracket where anyone can win is simply sheer genius and a ton of fun. I can remember as a little kid being fascinated with all of the different games going on and taping a bracket to my door. After a game was over I would run to my bracket and advance the winner. As a high school student, I would come home for lunch to watch the games and then beg my mom to call me in sick so I could watch the rest of the day (it only worked once). Now I am an adult (sort of) and I am stuck in office world. I am wondering to myself why I did not take a sick day, but that would have been pretty obvious. So, in order to celebrate this holiday I have organized an office pool that has about 25 people in it, and I plan to watch some of the games on my computer through the power of technology.

Perhaps you are curious as to who is going to win the tournament. Well, if you would like to know, I can certainly tell you because I am pretty certain that I have correctly picked all 63 games. My final four is: Kansas, Florida, UNC, & Texas A&M; and I have Texas A&M beating Kansas in the championship.

Enjoy the madness!


Erik said...

Texas A&M, are you Mad!

Well i am going to post my picks as well (great idea!)
You can check it out and see who really is going to win!

Enjoying the Madness!

PS: Sorry about Duke, i would morn with you but Indiana is rolling!!! I will probably morn with you soon though. But you never know, it is the Madness

Erik said...


Wanted to see if you had checked out my final four selections? If so, i hope you're taking notes for next year.

If you so desire, i can come to the east coast and teach a class on "how to pick a winner; March madness brackets done right!" My fee is pretty reasonable. Just let me know!

Let's go Georgetown!!!