Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Biological Clock

No, this is not our kid. No, Laura is not pregnant. No, we are not trying to get pregnant. These questions seem to dominate conversations that Laura and I have with a lot of people, so in case you were wondering, I wanted to get that out right away.

The child is actually Jackson, a cool little dude who belongs to our friends Carrie and Mitchell. A few weekends ago we went to visit them in Wilmington, NC. This picture was taken at the beach. It was the first weekend in January and it was 75. You gotta love the South.

I thought I would write a post verifying the urban legend known as the "Biological Clock." It is absolutely, 100% true. After we had been married for awhile and some of our friends starting having kids, Laura started to gradually become more and more obsessed with the idea. A few days ago we were looking through our pictures taken while we were in Wilmington and we came across the one here. All of the sudden Laura got all gushy and starting talking about how perfect the picture looks. I am starting to wonder how much longer we are going to be able to hold out.

So fellas, if you are married without kids, never say that I did not warn you.

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Tony Metz said...

Hey Todd man, wow...that picture does look eerily perfect. It was sort of shocking in a way; I've been your friend for a long time now, but I haven't seen you with too many little kids. Judging from the picture it seems as though you have quite a knack for it. When the time comes (and it sounds like that time may come sooner rather than later) I know that you will be an incredible Dad. And as for the whole biological clock thing...I think I heard about a 65 year old woman who gave birth recently. She seems to have thrown her biological clock out the window!