Monday, January 1, 2007

New Year Resolution

For the most part, I have a strong dislike for cheesy cultural traditions, but the New Year's Resolution is something I have always enjoyed and participated in. I love the idea of getting a fresh start, of getting a second chance to make one's life better. No matter how things have gone in the past, there is always hope that the future will be brighter.

Having said that, I want 2007 to be a year where I join John Wesley in being homo unius libri - a man of one book. For too long, I have relied on my Sunday School knowledge of the Bible and have not taken the responsibility of reading it for myself. I have read plenty of books that comment on Scripture without taking the time to let the Word penetrate my life.

I plan to at least read the Bible all the way through during 2007, and I going to start by reading through the Gospels in the month of January. I heard a teaching recently that commented that someone who claims to follow Jesus and yet does not read all 4 Gospels at least once a month is lying - there is no way that person could know Jesus well enough to follow him. I want to come to the point in my life where I basically have the words of Jesus committed to memory.

If you would like to join me this month in reading the Gospels, here is the schedule I will be following:

January 1: John 1-3 January 2: John 4-6 January 3: John 7-9
January 4: John 10-12 January 5: John 13-15 January 6: John 16-18
January 7: John 19-21 January 8: Mark 1-3 January 9: Mark 4-6
January 10: Mark 7-9 January 11: Mark 10-12 January 12: Mark 13-16
January 13: Matthew 1-3 January 14: Matthew 4-6 January 15: Matthew 7-9
January 16: Matthew 10-12 January 17: Matthew 13-15 January 18: Matthew 16-18
January 19: Matthew 19-21 January 20: Matthew 22-24 January 21: Matthew 25-28
January 22: Luke 1-3 January 23: Luke 4-6 January 24: Luke 7-9
January 25: Luke 10-12 January 26: Luke 13-15 January 27: Luke 16-18
January 28: Luke 19-21 January 29: Luke 22-24

Happy new Year!

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Erik said...

My friend, i am doing the same thing. I am reading through the bible at least once this year. I am starting in the Torah and moving on through... I kinda got a head start, i am currently in Leviticus. So we might be on different "pages" but i am on the same track with you! Learning to follow Jesus!!!

Be Peace

PS -- that Ray VanderLaan CD rocked your face off didn't it!!!
We need to chat! SOON!!!