Friday, January 26, 2007

My Brain

So there are not too many perks to working in office world, but my particular office world happens to support the part of Duke that researches the brain. A few weeks ago I participated in a study that tested my cognition while I was in a MRI machine. It was painless and I got paid $50 for my time, plus they emailed me some of the pictures that the MRI took of my brain. I guess not everyone has pictures of their brain, so I thought it was pretty cool.

Is it just me, or is my brain unusually large?


Erik said...

NICE! Your brain looks good to me! Maybe a little small, but maybe that's just cause my compture is small, hmmmm...

Yea, the ministry has no such perks.

Hai!DadaReads said...

Awesome! I think you have a large brain. I'd love to participate in a study like that.