Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Hip Phones

I tried to be the last person on this planet to have a cell phone. Starting in the year 2000, it seemed that most people began to get one, but the thought of having a phone with me at all times made me shudder, so I held out as long as I could. Well, this past summer I had a pastoral emergency and I really dropped the ball on some important commitments. I came to realize that I did not have a cell phone out of spite, which is not a good reason to avoid getting one. Strangely, getting a cell phone became the most loving choice I could make in regards to my communication capabilities.

Well, I have one now and it is fine. But, I felt like I needed to say something about wearing your cell phone on your hip. I cannot put my finger on it, but doing this is completely repulsive to me. I am the type of person who hates having things in my pockets, but I would rather carry a 50 pound cell phone in my pocket than wear it on my hip. Why does this seem so uncool to me? Every time I see these "business batmen" out in public, I just shake my head and give a little smirk. Back in Medieval times, men wore swords on their belts, and that seemed to be popular. So why does this strike a nerve with me?

Well, I told myself that I would never get a cellphone, so maybe I will one day come to the point where I need to wear a cellphone on my hip. But if you see me out in public wearing one, please make fun of me. I deserve it.


xingweb said...
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Erik said...

You would deserve it so DON'T DO IT!!! I refuse as well. It just seems so 50 year old buiseness guy who takes him / her self way to serious to wear it on your hip. No thanks!

I'm with you, we need to stand strong on this one. With the Lord's help, we can do it!!!

The new i phone is coming, its glorious todd! My guess is that it will fit in my pocket really really well!!!